A Need for a Keynote Speaker

In your organization or company, you may have experienced some unexpected drop in sales or manufacturing. After thorough audit, you may be surprised to find out that such drops may be attributed to personnel management factors. If your organization employs a big number of workers, it is understandable that your Human Resources Department may not be able to fully address such problem or conduct motivational seminars from time to time. Your department managers may be occupied and do not have the luxury of time in conducting seminars to motivate people in his department.

You need to counter the situation and at motivational-speaker-success.com, we provide the solution to your problem. A keynote speaker with vast experience in motivational speaking would be glad to entertain you to discuss your concern. He will be working alongside with you in identifying the important points relative to your concern.

Motivating people is a difficult job for a leader –

A big number of subordinates mean a big responsibility and effort on the part of the leader to motivate them. We all know that every person has an attitude and characteristic distinct from others. This means that a leader has to deal with different kinds of people and that would be difficult for him to direct them to his team’s direction or goal. Moreover, because of peoples’ distinct attitudes and characteristics, time and cost elements will definitely be uncontrollable. You can rely on our experienced keynote speaker to help you impart the idea of teamwork if that is one of you concerns and if applicable to your personnel.

Keynote Speaker

The idea of motivation problems with respect to organizations, whether private or public, is not similar to the idea of what we call “a matter of life and death”. In the 1960’s, somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam, a platoon of American soldiers was on their way to a nearby enemy territory for a mission. A soldier told the lieutenant that he was scared and wanted to go back to their camp. The lieutenant told the soldier that if he will return to the camp alone, he might ran across enemy patrol and may be captured or killed. To make the story short, they were back in camp the following morning unscathed. Unlike this, the idea of motivational problem is containable.

Research is the keyword in every speech –

A keynote speaker from motivational-speaker-success.com trained long enough to face any audience and interact with them in the process of his speech. He can connect with his audience by making advanced study on them. If his audience is that of the younger generation, he may speak their language at some points in his speech, crack jokes, or even sing and dance with them. If the audience is within the age bracket of the speaker, he may speak to them as buddies in some points of his speech. If they (the audience) are seniors, he may speak to them with respect but also with authority.

Good Keynote Speaker

Audience participation is one of the key factors in effective speech. If our keynote speaker knows how to speak then he knows how to listen too. Audience participation is a proof that they are listening and are interested in what the speaker says. That interest in what the speaker says is the climax in his presentation. At this point, the speaker may depart from the formal speech by shifting to a workshop-like presentation. Anyway, for as long as the intended result of the speech may be attained, no one will object as to the manner the speech was delivered and presented.

With the help of a keynote speaker from motivational-speaker-success.com, attainment of your desired goals is within reach. With the experience, training, and education of our speakers, the days of overlooked personnel management trainings in your organization is over. After the presentation of our speaker, you will be equipped with renewed and highly motivated personnel aiming only for the betterment of your organization.

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Balls

There is a wide variety of golf balls available on the market and shopping for one can be quite overwhelming. If you’re searching for a ball that can help you accomplish specific tasks on the green, your choices can be narrowed down by looking into a few factors.

Some balls are soft and intended to spin easily; both of these properties help advanced players achieve higher level of precision over shots. Others are designed to assist golfers with achieving a great distance off the tee. For you to choose the golf ball that matches your game perfectly, it is essential for you to understand its specifications. Here are the most important factors to consider.


The spin of a golf ball affects the amount of control a player has for his shots. Some balls can give a golfer maximum control by reducing the range to which the golf ball spins when it is hit. This helps the golfer combat slices and hooks. There are three classes of balls based on the spin they offer: low spin, mid spin and high spin.

Golf Balls

Low spinning balls decrease the side spin and allow the ball to travel straight through the air. This leads to an increased roll of the ball upon landing. Balls with mid spin aim to combine the best of both feel and distance. They are suitable for most golfers and are most commonly produced by major manufacturers. Lastly, high spinning balls will help you increase the spin of your ball while it travels in the air. If you strike a golf ball with a draw from right to left, you may greatly benefit from this type of ball.


Golf ball manufacturers constantly push the limits of the construction of golf balls. There used to be only four kinds under this category; but with the addition of five-piece balls, the choice of players become more wide-ranging.

The most basic of all are the one-piece balls. These are durable and have a soft feel when they are struck. They are least expensive but not often used because if their lower compression. Two-piece balls incorporate complete distance and durability. These balls have a firmer feel but cannot be controlled as easily as balls with a soft feel.

Three-piece balls have the ability to spin more and are softer, making them easily controllable. Balls that are made of three-piece often have several layers to provide players with better spin separation. Four-piece balls likewise have more layers but they offer better feel as well as control. The five-piece ball, which is the latest development in the world of ball design, offers improved performance and spin separation. They may be the priciest, but their properties are of the highest level.

Distance and Compression

Golf balls that offer better distance respond quickly when hit by a club. These balls are often hard and can assist some golfers in achieving additional 10-20 yards. Another golf ball property that is important to look into is the compression. Compression is the measure of deflection that a ball undergoes upon being struck.

Best Golf Balls

It can be anywhere from 0 to 200, with 0 being a golf ball with a deflection of 5mm or more, and 200 being a golf ball that doesn’t compress at all. Most balls have a compression ranging from 50 to 100. Balls with higher compression provide better control and are often used by players who are able to produce quicker swing speeds. On the other hand, balls with lower compression compress more in order to create greater distance. These balls are usually softer than high compression balls.


While golf balls may appear relatively similar, they actually have different outside covers which affect the way they perform. A golf ball with a soft cover offers more feel but is not as resistant to abrasions and scrapes as a golf ball with a hard cover. The dimples of the balls, which can be between 300 to 500 in number, influence the way the golf ball flies through the open air. Balls with fewer but larger dimples tend to fly higher above the ground compared to balls with more dimples.


Buying a golf ball pack can be quite costly, especially for beginners who have the tendency to lose a great deal of balls in the water, woods and other complex areas. For this reason, it is a good idea to gather up all the balls you can find and make use of them. A common place to find missed balls is in the water, can be on the course pond or in a lake.

However, remember that a golf ball that has spent a long time being submerged travels shorter distances on the drive. If you’re a beginner, this may not be of importance. But for avid golfers and professionals, distance is crucial and losing a bit of it is never an option.

If you need expert help in buying a golf ball, www.rockbottomgolf.com is the best place to go. Browse through our list of golf balls and other golf equipment, and feel free to contact us toll-free should you need further assistance.

Effective Online Marketing Strategies for a Startup Business

As marketing professionals in charge of search engine optimization or SEO, we know that many companies and businesses spend money to hire professionals to handle the SEO and internet marketing. Online marketing plays a vital role in the success of any business today.

Our role is to help companies establish their business and website. In order to be successful in online marketing, we follow effective online marketing strategies.

For startup companies and businesses, most companies cannot really afford to spend too much on online marketing. However, it does not mean that you will always be disadvantaged because of this.

When it comes to online marketing, a startup business can still be successful even with a low budget for as long as you know practical and smart ways to promote your product.

If you are a startup business, we have listed a few effective tips that can help any startup business be successful in online marketing.

 1. Recognize the importance of knowing the most commonly used search engine.

search engineThere are several search engines but many people prefer to use a certain search engine compared to other search engines. As a startup company, focus all your efforts first on the most commonly used search engine. One of the common mistakes of startup companies is not having any focus. They think that the most effective way of marketing their product is by being all over the place at once.

The thing about this misconception is that their efforts end up in a waste. They could have earned more views and visits should they have exerted their efforts in the search engine that are mainly used by their targeted market.

2. Focus on keyword selection.

In ensuring success in SEO, you must learn the art of choosing the keywords that are relevant to your business. You must know how your audience usually search for the product online. Use long-tail keywords or multi-word phrases, as they are usually less competitive.

3. Make sure to have informative contents and articles.

As a new entrant in the business, make sure that you establish yourself as a place where people can find informative and educational contents.

content writingBefore you officially launch your business or page, make sure that you have prepared your site by writing helpful articles. Your targeted market or audience must be attracted to your site not only because of the product or service that you offer but also because of your web content.

Apart from your informative articles, make sure to offer additional services that will be helpful to your audience. Provide them helpful tools that will make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Giving access to special tools, information or pages attract more audience to your website.

4. Establish your site in social media.

Again, focus is the key. Promote your business, product or web page in the more preferred social media sites.

There are several social media sites these days and it would take a lot of work for you to maintain several accounts and pages if you focus on all of them. Choose to create an account in the most preferred social media accounts. It will save your time and effort and will have more results that are favorable. Make sure that you constantly update your social media account.

5. Take care of your lead or contacts.

Once you have gained the attention of your targeted audience, make sure to take care of them. Send them an email to thank them for visiting your site or purchasing your service or product.


Always make it a point as well to respond to queries and feedback from your web page visitors. One of the things that turns off the interest of prospect customers or clients is when they are ignored.

When someone inquires about your product or service, respond to them in a timely manner and make sure to follow thru by providing them special or additional offers.

6. Always keep track of your progress.

progressIn order for you to identify if which of the strategies are working for your web page or business, you must analyze your progress. You can use internet analysis tool to monitor where and how you are getting your web traffics.

This will help you identify where to focus your efforts on and how you can improve on the things that are not working for you. If a certain strategy or web ad is not gaining you any visitor, you might have to replace it with a different one.

These are just some of the things that we have observed to be beneficial to startup or small sized businesses. In most cases, success for startup businesses do not easy. This is the reason why we think that the most important strategy of all is patience and tenacity. It is easy to give up when the going gets tough but only those that endures until the end are the ones that are able to experience real success.

Content Marketing Elements ALL SEO Service Providers Should Have

When it comes to getting noticed online, you will need to do more than just set up a good site. Anyone can update their website and have a good go at things, but it takes a little bit more finesse to get traffic. It’s for that simple reason that you want to hire a professional company to help you with the heavy lifting. One of the major components of advertising in today’s age is simple, you’ll need to work on search engine optimization. There are no shortcuts here, and if you wait too long to implement this type of work, you could end up missing out on a huge opportunity to gain influence on the web. It’s for that reason that you may want to look into hiring a professional SEO Service, to help you with this solution. When you’re cycling through the options, however, do not settle on just any company, make sure that you look into hiring someone that can help with content marketing. There are some serious components that come alongside this, so do not lose sight of this.

The Full Scale of Content

seoThe first thing that you need to look into when you’re going to hire SEO Service providers is their work with content. They should help with article creation, link generation, and more. If they don’t provide these crucial services, then you will definitely be at a loss moving forward. It’s imperative that you look into creating a great deal of market share through the building of content, or you will lose market share to competition. This doesn’t mean that you just have a long winded article farm, you need to isolate a lot more than that. Look at visuals, text, video, and even audio as part of the greater good that can come from implementing proper strategy here.

Continual Flow of Media

The biggest problem with content management is that it can dry up over time. You need to ensure that nothing goes dry and you focus on building a lot of different elements for the betterment of your page. That means that there should be a rush of content moving through the pages that you own across several different days. You shouldn’t just do one post here and there and there shouldn’t be a stalling process when uploading media content. If you wait too long, or there are infrequent updates, things will not favor your brand. Constant updating is required to stay on top of indexing and search results overall. There’s no short-cuts here, so keep that in mind.

Earning Links The Hard Way

Even though you may be purchasing the services of a professional company, you will still need for them to focus on earning your backlinks. That means that you will not buy them straight out, but instead you will be looking into having a SEO Service work on the content to the point where other pages are going to link to your site organically. That means an increased market share and solution that will garner you a lot more attention than the next guy. The more you earn, the higher the likelihood that you will get to that top spot in any search engine today.

Just remember, hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you will be #1 overnight. It takes a lot of different elements working together to get this moving forward. It’s for that reason that you should definitely chase the solutions best fit to help you increase market share, and that means working on options that are beyond your scope. Hiring a pro will definitely help you in the long term, guaranteed. Don’t go the DIY route, it will not help you in the long term.

The Race of Getting The Most Links For SEO and How It Will Fail You

SEOLook in any book or article about SEO today, and you will notice that there is something that can help make or break your cycle of promotion. The key to getting more out of your page rank and get traffic to your site is a matter of gaining a link from another site. If you get a good number of links from pages that are ranked high in search engine results, you will by proxy rank higher as well. This may all sound easy to manage and you could in fact push forward with this notion, but be careful, as there are things that you can do to make this not worthwhile. For some, the race of getting the most links possible is alive and well and it’s not a good thing. It’s for that reason that the following is compiled, to help offset those that are chasing the wrong elements and engage the right components moving forward. The following will help you gain leverage when you need it most, assuming you haven’t already gone and done the opposite.

Linking Creates Authority (In Time)

When you’re working with a website that is relatively new, you cannot just expect large sites to link to you. For instance, if you were to get noticed and picked up by The New York Times, your site has to be around for some time. It’s very rare that giant sites with high page rank like that link to smaller sites that aren’t of increased valued. However, if you have a site that has been getting buzz and you end up with a hard link from that site to yours, you will find yourself with a lot of authority in your niche.

The same goes with medium to small sites that have high page rank. Getting a nod from them in this way is a good thing. However, it has to look natural and it has to come without solicitation. Only then will you actually see the authority pass down through the proxy of recommendation. Links are not a “quick” solution and neither is SEO as a whole. It all takes time to mature and it will not showcase results when you want them to, it’s up to the search engine algorithms in place at the time of the ranking shift.

It Used To Be A Numbers Game (Yes, It used To be)

There was a time online where you could get 1,000 or even 10,000 links fast on your page. You could get so many links that you could gain serious leverage moving forward. This would create such an incredible flood of traffic that affiliate marketers started pouring in all their sources on these things. Some even had software that would help with pushing links on high page rank sites, and pages that were abandoned. A lot of abandoned sites online today have high page rank due to age and popularity, but like a tree that grows fruit and is pruned, these sites lose out in the long terms.

In the short term, however, people were “gaming” the system by stealing the rank with a link. Backlinks in droves like this have proven to be a good way to fail miserably at creating market share. The reason why this is a bad thing is because the links aren’t very relevant. In fact, they are so bad that many people end up losing market share straightway because of it. It’s no longer a numbers game, so don’t chase the numbers of links.

For those that are scratching their heads, the best way to engage proper links is simple. Make sure that you look into getting ethical, one way links that you aren’t purchasing in bulk. Earn them through great content, or hire a SEO firm to help, otherwise stay away from the aforementioned bulk purchases.